The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)

LAGO participation in LASF4RI (October, 2020)

LASF4RI, Latin American strategy forum for Research Infraestruture, has been working to set up a HEP scientific program in Latin America since 2019. LAGO has been part of this process with an oral presentation, a White Paper and participating in the discussion.

As quoted from the web page "The process for the first Latin American Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure for High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (LASF4RI-HECAP) has come to a conclusion in October 2020. A Physics Briefing Book (PBB) was written by the Preparatory Group based on the 40 White Papers submitted by the community. The PBB served as the basis for the LASF4RI-HECAP Strategy Document that was endorsed in a letter by the High Level Strategy Group."

LAGO has been very well received with a recommendation in the strategy document:

Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)