The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)


13th Workshop
Tucumán, Argentina. TBD, February, 2022.

The workshop will be held at Tucumán, Argentina, in february 2022.

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LAGO participation in LASF4RI (October, 2020)

LASF4RI, Latin American strategy forum for Research Infraestruture, has been working to set up a HEP scientific program in Latin America since 2019. LAGO has been part of this process with an oral presentation, a White Paper and participating in the discussion.

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11th LAGO Workshop (Argentina, 2019)

The 11th LAGO workshop will be held at Centro Atómico Constituyentes, Av. Gral Paz 1499, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From October 28th to November 1st, 2019.

The workshop subject will be:

  • New electronics design and implementation
  • Towards the development of new physics for LAGO
  • New sites and prospects
  • Central LAGO Data Repository and data analysis chain

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LAGO specific electronics is ready and used to take data of unprecedent quality (December 2011)

Guatemala joins LAGO and a new detector is in operation (June 2011).

LAGO Community wins the 1st ALICE2-CLARA Case Study Award and receives a Network program support from ICTP (December 2010).

First electronics and data analysis workshop in La Paz, Bolivia (December 2010).

A new site in Peru, Marcapomacocha (4450m asl) is under operation (August 2010).

LAGO is considered of scientific, academic and social interest in the Rio Negro province of Argentina, and the LAGO community is selected as part of the COMCLARA 2010 program (May 2010).

The 5th LAGO Workshop was held in Chacaltaya, Bolivia (April 2009).

Peru joins the LAGO Collaboration. Visit of Cusco and Arequipa for the Third School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics (September 2008).

Tanks reaching top of Pico Espejo in Mérida, Venezuela (March 2008).

The LAGO DAQ is now running on a SBC (December 2007).

Group picture in front of the first prototype WCD in Mérida, Venezuela (August 2007).

LAGO presentation at the 30th International Cosmic Ray Conference (July 2007).

First data collected at Sierra Negra site (September 2006).

Visit of LAGO scientists at the Chacaltaya Observatory (March 2006).

First LAGO prototype detector turned on (December 2005).

Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)