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LAGO presentations

Año Presentation
2020 LAGO. El Observatorio Latinoamericano Gigante. Estado Actual y Perspectivas Futuras. Presentation given at TICAL 2020 By I. Sidelnik - September, 2020.
2020 How atmospheric conditions affect the cosmic ray observations from the Marambio LAGO site. Presentation given at the GRAPE/RESOURCE Online Workshop By N.A. Santos - July, 2020.
2020 First results from the operative cosmic ray detector at Marambio Base, Antarctic Peninsula. Poster presented at the NMDB@Home 2020: Virtual Symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors By N.A. Santos - July, 2020.
2020 LAGO El Observatorio Latinoamericano Gigante, Current State and Future Perspectives. Presentation given at the II Latin American Strategy Forum for Research Infraestructure (LASF4RI) By I. Sidelnik, for the LAGO Collaboration - July, 2019.
2019 Calibration and first results from the operative cosmic ray observatory at Marambio base. Poster presented at the 16th European Space Weather Week. By S. Dasso - November, 2019.
2019 First long-term calibrated observations of the new LAGO space weather Antarctic node.Presentation given at the XI Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO) Workshop – XI LAGO. By N.A. Santos - September, 2019.
2017 Observation of the Forbush decrease of 22 June 2015 with the LAGO detector in Brazil. Presentation given at the The 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference 2017(ICRC2017) - July, 2017
2016 The LAGO Space Weather Program in Brazil. Presentation given at the XXXVII National Meeting on Particles and Fields - September, 2016
2015 Forbush decreases detected by the Muonca muon telescopes on 13 September and 22 December 2014. Presentation given at the The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015) - August, 2015
2010 LAGO - Latin American Giant Observatory, 1h presentation given at the Fourth School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics - September
2008 The LAGO Project, Status and Prospects, 1h presentation given at the Third School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics - September
2007 El proyecto LAGO: Large Aperture GRB Observatory, 15' presentation given at the 50a Reunión anual de la Asociación Argentina de Astronomía - September (in spanish)
2007 Cosmic Ray Detectors: Probes for the Highest Energies, 1h30 lecture given in Merida - August
2006 Detection of Gamma Ray Bursts in Auger and the LAGO project, 35' talk given for the VI Silafae - November
2006 Los destellos de rayos gamma y su detección en alta montaña , 45' talks given at Coloquios del Instituto Balseiro - April and Grupo de Colisiones Atómicas del CAB - May (similars, in spanish)
2006 Latin American Giant Observatory, 15' talk given at La Plata Workshop on Observational Astronomy - April (in spanish)
2005 Latin American Giant Observatory - An Auger by-product, 10' presentation given at the Auger Collaboration meeting - November