The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)

LAGO presentations


LAGO. El Observatorio Latinoamericano Gigante. Estado Actual y Perspectivas Futuras. Presentation given at TICAL 2020 By I. Sidelnik - September, 2020.

How atmospheric conditions affect the cosmic ray observations from the Marambio LAGO site. Presentation given at the GRAPE/RESOURCE Online Workshop By N.A. Santos - July, 2020.

First results from the operative cosmic ray detector at Marambio Base, Antarctic Peninsula. Poster presented at the NMDB@Home 2020: Virtual Symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors By N.A. Santos - July, 2020.

LAGO El Observatorio Latinoamericano Gigante, Current State and Future Perspectives. Presentation given at the II Latin American Strategy Forum for Research Infraestructure (LASF4RI) By I. Sidelnik, for the LAGO Collaboration - July, 2019.


Calibration and first results from the operative cosmic ray observatory at Marambio base. Poster presented at the 16th European Space Weather Week. By S. Dasso - November, 2019.

First long-term calibrated observations of the new LAGO space weather Antarctic node.Presentation given at the XI Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO) Workshop – XI LAGO. By N.A. Santos - September, 2019.


Observation of the Forbush decrease of 22 June 2015 with the LAGO detector in Brazil. Presentation given at the The 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference 2017(ICRC2017) - July, 2017


The LAGO Space Weather Program in Brazil. Presentation given at the XXXVII National Meeting on Particles and Fields - September, 2016


Forbush decreases detected by the Muonca muon telescopes on 13 September and 22 December 2014. Presentation given at the The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015) - August, 2015


LAGO - Latin American Giant Observatory, 1h presentation given at the Fourth School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics - September (6.5M)


The LAGO Project, Status and Prospects, 1h presentation given at the Third School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics - September


El proyecto LAGO: Large Aperture GRB Observatory, 15' presentation given at the 50a Reunión anual de la Asociación Argentina de Astronomía - September (in spanish)

Cosmic Ray Detectors: Probes for the Highest Energies, 1h30 lecture given in Merida - August


Detection of Gamma Ray Bursts in Auger and the LAGO project, 35' talk given for the VI Silafae - November

Los destellos de rayos gamma y su detección en alta montaña , 45' talks given at Coloquios del Instituto Balseiro - April and Grupo de Colisiones Atómicas del CAB - May (similars, in spanish)

Latin American Giant Observatory, 15' talk given at La Plata Workshop on Observational Astronomy - April (in spanish)


Latin American Giant Observatory - An Auger by-product, 10' presentation given at the Auger Collaboration meeting - November (1.1M)

Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)